In Extremis

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Band Members

  • Final Line-Up
    • Simon Durrant (vocals, bass)
    • Adam Messenger (drums)
    • Dave Jiannis (guitar)
    • James Cain (keys)
  • Former Members
    • Matt Chubb (bass) (1996 - 1998)
    • Mark Lennard (bass) (1993 - 1996)


Adelaide, SA, 1993

Band Information

In:Extremis was a death metal band that formed in Adelaide out of a previous act called Execration, a three piece featuring Durrant, Messenger and guitarist Adam Sobels. A cruelly heavy band with true inspiration, the early EP is still regarded as a classic and opened the door to national exposure with showings at Metal for the Brain and interstate gigs. After this the band moved to Melbourne and began to incorporate more industrial and techno sounds.

1997's "Hybrid Scarifier" was also excellent but by now the band was struggling and almost immediately after its release split up. Si Durrant joined Lennard in Truth Corroded briefly, then Superheist as bassist and remained with them for two years.

In late 1999 Durrant intimated he was considering re-forming In:Extremis after he left Superheist, but the resultant projected was christened Screwface:13, although several tracks were recorded under the In:extremis name. Screwface:13 played at Metal for the Brain in 2000 but after this did nothing further.



1995 Skin Thick Vision Dominator
1997 Hybrid Scarifier Shock

Compilation tracks:

Year Track Title Album Title Label
1996 "Skin Thick Vision" This is Twelve ABC/EMI
1997 "Hybrid Scarifier" Thirteen ABC/EMI
2000 "Skin Machine" Full Metal Racket ABC/EMI