In Malices Wake

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Band Members

  • Current Line-Up
    • Luke Blaso (bass)
    • Mark Farrugia (drums)
    • Shaun Farrugia (vocals, guitar)
    • David Graham (guitar)
  • Former Members
    • Ben Withers (bass)
    • Dave Lowes (guitar) (2002 - 2004)



Melbourne, VIC, 2002

Band Information

In Malice’s Wake is a Melbourne thrash band formed in 2002. The band plays crunchy melodic thrash and has won a solid reputation as a live act. "Blackened Skies" appeared in 2007 and the band quickly built on that success by releasing a debut full-length in 2008 that further established them. With the release of The Thrashening, In Malice's Wake will launch a wide-ranging tour of Australia in April 2011, as well as playing in New Zealand and Indonesia.



2008 Eternal Nightfall self release
2011 The Thrashening self release


2007 Blackened Skies self release