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OriginSydney, NSW
GenresHard rock
Years active2006 - 2010
Associated actsCandy Harlots, Jerk, Melody Black, Daysend, Segression, The Harlots, Anxiety Whispers
Past membersAaron Bilbija, Charles Cilia, Zotty Cilia, Leeno Dee, Jonathan Devoy, Marcii, Red, Daniel Tsoltoudis

Band Members

  • Line-Up
    • Aaron Bilbija (guitar)
    • Charles Cilia (guitar)
    • Leeno Dee (bass)
    • Jonathan Devoy (vocals, guitar)
    • Daniel Tsoltoudis (drums)
  • Former members
    • Red (Adrian Herbert) (drums) (2008 - 2009)
    • Marcii (Brendan Ebens) (guitar) (2006-2009)
    • Zotty Cilia (drums) (2006 - 2008)

Band Information

Ink was formed in Sydney in January 2006 by Dee and Charles Cilia from Jerk and former Anxiety Whispers members Zotty, Marcii and Devoy (also ex-Jerk). Ink played commercial melodic heavy rock. After issuing their debut EP the band hit the road for the best part of a year, after which Red (ex-Segression) joined the line-up.

Ink's second EP was released through Riot! in November 2008, ahead of a national tour. Brenden 'Marcii' Ebens left the band in February 2009 and was replaced by Aaron Bilbija of Daysend. In September they supported Deathstars and the following month opened for Skid Row. After this the band was off the road until the middle of 2010 with Daniel Tsoltoudis in the line-up in place of Herbert who was busy with a re-formed Segression. Since then the members of Ink have gone their separate ways. Dee and Devoy have since formed Melody Black.



2008 Black Water Reign Riot!


2007 Lead... or Follow self release