Iron Lightning

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Band members

  • Final line up
    • Max Valentine aka Kevin Dreiss (vocals, guitar)
    • Mouse (bass)
    • Keith (Drums)
    • Stuart (guitar)
  • Former members
    • Lee Griffiths (drums) (1987 - 1989)
    • Mark (Attitude) Buchanan (vocals) (1987 - 1988)


Brisbane, QLD, 1987

Band information

Iron Lightning was a heavy metal band that formed in Brisbane in 1987, out of the remnants of an Alice Cooper inspired band called Black Widow. They were the first band in Brisbane metal scene to play any thrash, covering Metallica and Megadeth. Their first gig was opening for Melbourne band Rampage at a Metal Over Brisbane sponsored show in front of a sellout crowd at Sherwood Leagues Club. The original line up continued gigging through '88 playing regularly on Wednesday nights at the Atcherley Hotel. Attitude was kicked out and Valentine took over vocals. Stuart was added as a second guitarist shortly afterward. Lee quit to be replaced by Keith and a cassette EP was released shortly after. They continued through to the early 1990s playing at Metalfest 1991 and Steal Spring festival before disappearing. Mouse went on to join Spear of Longinus which also featured Lee Griffiths the original drummer.



1990 Winds of Change self release