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KcaveMen are a South Australian Shock Rock / Death Metal band formed in 2009 by Horrorcore Rapper KidCrusher in collab with Todd Hansen (Drummer from The Berzerker & Headkase). Originally formed in 2006 without a studio release, this long awaited band took three years to defrost and find all its members and record there debut studio album Gondwanaland set to release independently online and at shows. KcaveMen consists upon five members which remain anonymous, wearing custom latex masks designed by filth mirror. The stage presence is themed like a full blown caveman era with tribal drum solos and barely speaking english. Come watch and see how man makes music!!!


65 Million Years ago, Australia was connected to the Antarctica, otherly known as Gondwanaland. During the Breakup (the separating of the islands) the tribe of troopers that we call Dong, Plop, Bort, Ogah & Zorg were stuck on the Australian half during the separation, loosing all there friends and family.

They were the only cavemen they could find in Australia other then another tribe of a different species that always fought with them. So they went there separate ways from living with the Gondwanaland Rejects. After they found shelter during a cold night they were caved in during a storm and became frozen in glaciers for millions of years.

Until the year 2009 recently they were discovered by Archeologists deep underground in the South Australian Desert. We know nothing about the discovery as the Archeologists were eaten alive soon after they reported there finding. We do know they have been living amongst us as Illegal Aliens, trying to blend in. learning about us from a portable television they stole from the Archeologists.



  • Return For Snack (2005)
  • Gondwanaland (2010)

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