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Band Members

  • Current Line-Up
    • Allan Grant (guitar)
    • Paul Murphy (vocals)
    • Steve Pell (drums)
    • Rick Sanchez (bass)
    • Ruben Sanchez (guitar)
  • Former Members
    • Daniel Rawlins (guitar) (1992 - 1994)
    • Adam Griffin (drums) (1992)


Sydney, NSW, 1992

Band Information

Old school style metal band from the early 1990s which managed to build quite a large following and issued a brace of self-financed CDs. Kilswitch’s material was melodic and infectious and the playing was tight. Kilswitch split in mid-94 with various members moving onto other projects.

Pell soon joined Mortality. The Sanchez boys put together a funk rock band called You Blabbed About Mars in the mid-90s; after Mortality split Pell joined that band as vocalist.



1993 Free Style self release
1994 Upper Cut self release

Compilation track:

Year Track Title Album Title Label
1993 "All Rise" Cobra Club Vol. 1 Cobra Club