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OriginBrisbane, QLD
GenresThrash metal
Years active2010 -
MembersTommy Muz, Laggy Von Laggy, Dalton Quade Wilson, Trip Walker, Pete Robinson
Past membersOompa Vi Psy, LG

Band members

  • Line-up
    • Tommy Muz (vocals)
    • Dalton Quade Wilson (guitar)
    • Laggy Von Laggy (guitar)
    • Trip Walker (bass)
    • Pete Robinson (drums)
  • Former members
    • Oompa Vi Psy (vocals) 2010 - 2013
    • LG (drums) 2010 - 2015



Brisbane, QLD, 2010

Band information

Malakyte are a five-piece group from Brisbane who play dark, technical thrash metal. The band was formed by Laggy, Wilson and LG in the latter half of 2010 with Vi Psy and Walker completing the line-up soon after. The band released an EP in August of 2011 titled S2076, only a mere few months after their live debut in Brisbane.

The release of the EP was subsequently followed by a fruitful period of activity for the band in 2012, playing shows as far afield as Darwin, and played supports to Toxic Holocaust, Tim "Ripper" Owens and Warbringer, as well as shows with a re-united Nothing Sacred and Hobbs' Angel of Death in Melbourne. That same year, the band released the "Fall to Khaos" single which the band gave out for free with every T-shirt purchase.

In 2013, Malakyte supported UK's Alestorm, after which Vi Psy was dismissed from the group. Tommy Muz (formerly of Konskriptor) became frontman soon after, and made his live debut when the band opened for Anthrax in Brisbane. Following this, the band were immediately hand-picked as special guests at the Soundwave Festival. More interstate touring, and a support to Municipal Waste soon followed.

Malakyte's full-length album Human Resonance was released in October 2013, and was followed by an east coast tour which included an appearance at the Steel Assassins festival in Sydney. Throughout 2014, the band supported a number of international acts, sharing stages with Havok, Kreator, Death Angel, D.R.I., and Sepultura, with further interstate touring. In April 2015, LG departed from the band, and was replaced by Pete Robinson of Nemesiah and Xyanix. The band is currently writing for their second album.



2013 Human Resonance self release


2011 S2076 self release


2012 Fall to Khaos self release

Compilation tracks:

Year Track Title Album Title Label
2012 "Fall to Khaos" Euphony Fusion VI Welkin Entertainment