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OriginSydney, NSW
Years active1985 - 1992, 1993 - 1994, 2003 - 2006
LabelsWaterfront, Survival
Associated actsDef FX, Primary, Caligula, Murder, My Heart Bleeds For You, Meridian, Scream Age, Killing Time, Mantissa, The Harlots, Melody Black, Fester Fanatics, Pleasure Ground, Box the Jesuit, King's Cross
Past memberssee left

Band Members

  • Final Line-Up
    • Peter Allen (drums)
    • Brett Currotta (guitar)
    • Kevin McClaer (bass)
    • Randy Reimann (vocals)
  • Former Members
    • Sean Fonti (bass) (1987 - 1990, 2004 - 2005)
    • James Meek (bass) (1994, 2003)
    • Andy Coplin (bass) (1992 - 1993)
    • Adrielle Spence (bass) (1991 - 1992)
    • Ashley Chatto (guitar) (1991 - 1992) d. 26.11.12
    • David Ross (drums) (1988 - 1990)
    • Tubby Wadsworth (Alex Nikolzew (drums) (1987 - 1988)
    • Darren Gilmour (drums) (1985 - 1987)


Sydney, NSW, 1985

Band Information

While originally not a heavy metal band in any sense, Massappeal's raw energy and speed drew audiences from both metal and punk crowds in a time when the two just did not meet. At their height in the late 1980s, Massappeal was arguably one of the most extreme and intense bands known to mankind. Their sound veered from extreme hardcore to sheer high velocity noise, a lethal cocktail of savage American hardcore like Black Flag and the outright rabid speed of early Slayer and Metallica, though really sounding like no one else.

The band was formed in 1985 by Reimann, Curotta, McClaer and drummer Darren Gilmour. After two demos and developing a savage live reputation, the band produced the 'Nobody Likes A Thinker' EP for Waterfront Records, a release that remains a classic to this day. The Ben Brown-designed cover art was licensed to ACME t-shirts and sold in excess of 8000, enough to finance the band's first full length album in 1989. That was followed up in the middle of the following year by the double-A side single "The Bar of Life" featuring Tubby Wadsworth on drums.

After touring with D.R.I., McClaer departed in 1987 to be replaced by Sean Fonti, formerly of the similar-sounding My Heart Bleeds For You and Dave Ross replaced Wadsworth, who went on to play in a string of bands including The Harlots, King's Cross and Killing Time. 1989's Jazz album saw the band's sound maturing without losing any of its intensity. Supports to bands like P.I.L. and Anthrax followed, after which Fonti left to concentrate his efforts on Caligula. He and Ross were replaced by Adrielle Spence and Peter Allen respectively. This line-up was responsible for the "Chrysalids" EP and the album The Mechanic with Ashley Chatto adding a second guitar, which saw the band developing a more identifiably metal sound. Massappeal then played shows with Scatterbrain and Sepultura and headlined one of the three stages at the first ever Big Day Out festival at Sydney's Hordern Pavilion.

Massappeal split for a brief time after that. Allen later joined the Nunchukka Superfly line-up, and Spence has since played in Box the Jesuit, Pleasure Ground, Meridian and Screamage.

Reimann, Curotta and Allen reformed Massappeal in 1993 with James Meek on bass, issuing an EP and another album before disappearing once again. In the late 90s, Curotta and Allen were members of the Sydney hardcore band Murder that also featured former members of Persecution and Mortal Sin.

The 94 line up of Reimann, Curotta, Allen and Meek reformed in 2003 to tour with Rollins Band, and various versions of Massappeal have played sporadically since. In 2005 they were active again with Fonti once more on bass and in late 2006 the original line-up with Allen in place of Gilmour returned once again to support the re-releases of 'Nobody Likes a Thinker' and Jazz, the former of which now includes "The Bar of Life", live tracks and rarities.



1989 Jazz Waterfront
1992 The Mechanic Survival
1994 Nommo Anagonno Survival


1987 The Bar of Life Waterfront


1986 Nobody Likes a Thinker Waterfront
1996 The Zesty Charismatic Personality Chamber Survival

Compilation track:

Year Track Title Album Title Label
1988 "Elitist Shit" The Not So Lucky Country Reactor