Minus Life

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Band Members

  • Final line-Up
    • Matt Bellette (keys)
    • Kent Haines (bass)
    • Travis Henderson (drums)
    • Scott Moss (vocals)
    • Ryan O'Connell (guitar)
  • Former members
    • Craig Blanchard (drums) (2003 - 2005)
    • Nathan Sianidis (bass) (2003 - 2004)
    • Chris Gregan (bass) (2002 - 2003)
    • Jim Peacock (drums) (2002 - 2003)




Brisbane, QLD, 2002

Band Information

Minus Life was a death and thrash band that formed in Brisbane in 2002 around Moss, O'Connell and Bellette. Peacock (drums) and former Tripwire member Gregan (bass) completed the original line-up and the band began to develop a modern melodic death metal style, albeit with a significantly more symphonic edge due to the highlighted keyboard elements.

The band recorded two demos in 2002 and then supported The Haunted in early 2003. Minus Life then began work on a debut album, which featured the rhythm section of Blanchard and Sianidis (bass), and undertook a rigorous live schedule.

Late in 2004 the band was joined by ex-Hollow member Haines on bass. Minus Life featured at Metal for the Brain in Canberra and Brisbane in 2005, after which Blanchard left the band to pursue a Navy career. Then in the middle of that year, the Eternal Urban Megacide album was released after having been recorded more than a year before. Henderson joined Minus Life on drums and they supported Arch Enemy in November. In early 2006 the band toured to Sydney with Lynchmada. Work on a new album was announced shortly afterwards and in August the band opened for Dark Tranquillity before appearing at the final Metal for the Brain.

In March 2007, Minus Life opened for Slayer and Mastodon in Brisbane. Shortly after this, the group disbanded. Moss relocated to Melbourne, and in late 2007 it was announced that the remaining members had recruited a new vocalist and written new material "sounding like a cross between Devin Townsend Band and Enslaved". This new band was announced in late 2008 as Silver Ocean Storm, who have played a few shows around Brisbane and are currently preparing an album.



2006 Eternal Urban Megacide self release

Compilation track:

Year Track Title Album Title Label
2005 "Bodies on Fire" Metal for the Brain 2005 Faultline