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OriginSydney, NSW
GenresHard rock, punk, alternative rock, heavy metal
Years active1992 - 2001
Associated actsRaprager, The Mis-Made, Fyreflies, Morgana and the Monstars, Jessamine, Boxing With Ghosts, Doc Neeson, Fangin' Felines, Raising Ravens, Sand Viper
Past membersMorgana Ancone, Jess Finlayson, Sarah Graye, Andrea Stanway, Kira Taylor

Band Members

  • Line-Up
    • Morgana Ancone (vocals)
    • Jess Finlayson (guitar, vocals)
    • Sarah Graye (bass)
    • Andrea Stanway (drums)
    • Kira Taylor (guitar)

Band Information

Nitocris was a punk and metal band formed in 1992 while all the members except Morgana Ancone were still in high school together. When Ancone joined the following year they began playing live despite most of them still being too young to play licensed venues. Before long they had played shows with Suicidal Tendencies, The Cult and toured with Armoured Angel, and appeared at the Big Day Out in Sydney just ahead of the release of their debut EP. The album Screaming Dolorous followed at the end of the year. By the following year they were one of the more prominent alternative acts on the Sydney circuit and appeared on the Alternative Nation tour.

Hyperland was released in 1996 and Butter the following year, meanwhile touring with or supporting acts including The Angels, The Screaming Jets, Sprung Monkey and The Pursuit of Happiness. The 1998 release Darkside got some national airplay and Nitocris did their first full national tour with the Turn Up Your Radio mini-festival. Their self-titled second album was released in July 2000 and gained them an ARIA nomination for Best Independent Release. Nitocris toured nationally with the Big Day Out in 2001 and toured solidly thereafter, headlining their own shows for the next couple of months and doing further shows with Deep Purple, The Whitlams and The Screaming Jets. The band planned to start work on a third album release in 2001 but late in the year announced they had split up. In September 2009, Nitocris played a one-off reunion show.



1994 Screaming Dolorous Phantom
2000 Nitocris Phantom


1995 Haemorrhanging Souls Phantom
1998 Darkside Phantom
2000 In the Middle Phantom
2001 Spouse Killer Phantom


1994 Ten Stories Down Phantom
1995 Epic Voyage Phantom
1996 Hyperland Phantom
1997 Butter Phantom
2001 Manic Phantom


1994 Suxiety (split with Purr) Independent