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Band Members

  • Line-Up
    • Dez Anthonisz (drums)
    • Andrew Durling (guitar)
    • Warren Hammond (bass)
    • Darren Ross (vocals, guitar)


Melbourne, VIC, 1995

Band Information

Known originally simply as Purge, Purged was a Melbourne thrash metal band with a contemporary sound like early Machine Head. The band won supports to the White Zombie and Deicide and impressed with their strong modern thrash style. Form of Release won them major interest from offshore, with US label Metal Blade picking Purged up for overseas distribution. A second album was released in 1999 to little fanfare and Purged disappeared without trace shortly afterward.



1997 Form of Release Stubble
1999 Balance of Power Stubble

Compilation track:

Year Track Title Album Title Label
1997 "Crushed Belief" Thirteen ABC/EMI