Realms and Evolution

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Band Members

  • Current Line-Up
    • Paul Smith (guitar, drums)
    • Rob Bow (vocals, guitar, bass)
  • Former Members
    • Dave Lawler (drums) (2003)
    • Leigh McAndrew (bass, effects) (1997 - 2000)



Adelaide, SA, 1997

Band Information

Realms and Evolution was formed by Smith and McAndrew in 1997. Songs were completed while other members were sought to complete a full line-up but in the end the album was recorded as a duo. A second album was begun but not finished until 2000 and shortly after McAndrews left, leaving the album unreleased.

In 2003, Smith and two of his former Dream Sovereign bandmates Lawler and Bow began working on further R&E material but Lawler was unable to commit and departed. With Smith laying down drum tracks, Mutation was completed by mid-2006 and released in 2007.



2007 Mutation self release