Red Shore Redemption

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Band Members

  • Final Line-Up
    • Mark V (vocals)
    • Doug Williams (guitar, vocals)
    • Todd Rafter (guitar)
    • Ben Ryles (bass)
    • Tyrell Fuller (drums)
  • Former Members
    • Dylan Sykes (vocals) (2010 - 2010)
    • Sarah Williams (keyboards) (2005 - 2006)


NSW, 2004

Band Information

Red Shore Redemption is a metalcore band formed NSW in 2004. Since forming, they have released one EP Killing you in your sleep in 2005 and two full-length studio albums,Laugh In The Face Of Death (2008) and I Died in the Shadows (2009). They are currently working on their third studio album, due out for release in 2010. In September 2007, Red Shore Redemption had won a local radio contest judged by 'Job For A Cowboy, with the prize being an opening slot on the band's Sydney show. In 2009 the band went on tour in Europe, opening for Arch Enemy in London. During 2010, Mark V left the band temporarily because of strain on his vocals. Dylan Skyes stood in for a short time.