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Band Members

  • Line-Up
    • Simon Calabrese (vocals)
    • Degs (drums)
    • Guy Gillis (guitar)
    • Dan Longhurst (bass)
    • Val Muratori (guitar)


Sydney, NSW, 2000

Band Information

This was an aggressive and remarkably heavy nu-metal band from Sydney, considerably better and more inspired than the glut of similar though weaker bands around the country. Redsands originally formed in early 2000, adding ex-Inequity singer Calabrese a few months later.

After demoing several tracks and launching something of a bombardment on Sydney's music media, the band first started playing live in October 2000. "Lock and Load" was preceded by an almost equal amount of inundation; Redsands played Metal for the Brain in 2001, after which Gillis left due to medical reasons, then rejoined almost immediately, only to leave again a few months later. Longhurst also left the group shortly afterward and in January 2003, after several months of inactivity, the band called it a day. Calabrese immediately joined Daysend.



2000 Lock and Load self release