Reign of Terror

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Band members

  • Current line-up
    • Aarron (drums)
    • Kris (bass)
    • Reggae (vocals, guitar)
  • Former members
    • Dan (guitar)
    • Victor (drums)
    • Glen Luck (bass) (2001 - 2002)
    • Anthony (guitar)
    • Kris (guitar)



Canberra, ACT, 1994

Band information

Reign of Terror is a Canberra-based metal band which has suffered interminable line-up reshuffles throughout its career. What the band lacks in originality it certainly makes up for in dogged persistence! The CD (with Victor on drums) shows a somewhat raw and underdeveloped style which draws influences from early Sepultura and Slayer. In February 1999 Reign of Terror again experienced line-up troubles with Kris and Anthony leaving the band. By September the band had changed drummers for the ninth time. Reign of Terror has racked up some good support slots including Impaled Nazarene and Nevermore, but a constant stream of line-up changes has stunted the band’s progress. In a move that could only be described as stunning, Lucy from Armoured Angel joined Reign of Terror in early 2001. At the end of 2002 the band supported Destruction but was then placed on ice.

In 2004, Reign of Terror was back in action featuring founding member Reggae, now on guitar after switching from bass and original drummer Victor plus Kris on bass. Late in 2005 the band supported Dismember and released Book of the Dead. The band's line-up issues continued when Victor left again in early 2006, to be replaced by Aarron from Echo Inside. A second guitarist, Dan from Rake Sodomy, also joined the band at the same time, although he has since left the band.



1998 Under Blackened Skies self release
2005 Book of the Dead self release

Compilation tracks:

Year Track Title Album Title Label
2006 "Book of the Dead" Underearthed 4 independent
2009 "Eaten Alive Pt 2" Hard ACT to Follow Independent