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Band members

  • Known line-up
    • Darren Cherry (guitar)
    • Brad Cranwell (vocals, bass, keys)
    • Marty Howe (guitar)
    • Shirty (drums)


Melbourne, VIC, 1990

Band information

Sanctum began playing Deicide-like death metal with a slightly more melodic bent. Cherry and Cranwell did session work for Toxaemia around the time of Sanctum's first demo, after which the band moved to the UK and attained a modicum of notice after Raped of Your Religion was issued by Lethal. This led to a prospective deal with Music For Nations that eventually fell through. The group's work visas ran out and all of the members except Cherry returned to Australia. The later EP featured a different line-up and a groove-metal style. Shirty also played in No Remorse (Vic) and Centurion.



1993 Raped of Your Religion Lethal


1992 Dimensions of the Mind Corpsegrinder


1996 Untamed Powerhouse