Savage Heart

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Band members

  • Final line-up
    • Nik Downing (drums)
    • Phil Downing (guitar)
    • Christian Labasso (guitar)
    • Mark Nasser (bass)
    • Scott Smith)
  • Former members
    • Barry Michels (drums)


Sydney, NSW, 1990

Band information

Savage Heart was a good driving melodic hard rock act from Sydney. The band was quite prevalent on the scene for several years in the early 90s and toured extensively. In the original four piece incarnation of Smith, Lobasso, Nasser and Barry Michels (drums), Savage Heart contributed to the Death Valley Sessions compilation and shortly after the Downing brothers joined the band. In 1993 the band changed its name to Mission from doG and split up almost immediately. Smith later joined Christ Art Museum and later formed Bobsledge.


Compilation tracks:

Year Track Title Album Title Label
1991 "Lightning in a Bottle" Death Valley Sessions independent
1993 "Politics of Life" Cobra Club Vol. 1 Cobra Club