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Band members

  • Line-up
    • Adam Keane (guitar)
    • Anthony James (guitar)
    • Paul Hayes (bass)
    • Mark Hayes (vocals)
    • Peter Coorey (drums)


Adelaide, SA, 1987

Band information

Adelaide thrash metal pioneers Sudefed evolved from an earlier band with a more hardcore style called Perdition that also featured Mark Hayes and Peter Coorey and for a short time both bands existed concurrently. The core of the band came together in 1987 and quickly adopted the speed metal style. Trips interstate where they teamed up with the likes of Mortal Sin and Mass Confusion brought them to the attention of the national extreme metal audience and for a short time they were Adelaide’s leading metal entity but the band ultimately broke up before their album was issued, if it was ever completed. Hayes, Hayes and Keane were also in Belial and Keane was also in Bezerker and several others bands before forming Sound Surgery in the early 90s.