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OriginMelbourne, VIC
GenresProgressive metal, heavy metal
Years active1985 – 1995, 1999, 2009
LabelsMetal for Melbourne, Metal Blade
Associated actsVulvagun, Clauz, Black Majesty, Amethyst, Prowler, New Religion
Past membersDave Browne, Evan Harris, George Larin, Shane "Joel" Southby, Craig Robinson, Andy Caveman, Danny Komorr

Band Members

  • Final Line-Up
    • Dave Browne (drums) d. 6/1/09
    • Evan Harris (bass)
    • George Larin (guitar)
    • Joel (Shane Southby) (vocals)
  • Former Members
    • Craig Robinson (guitar) (1985 - 1989)
    • Andy Caveman (bass) (1987)
    • Danny Komorr (bass) (1985 - 1987)




Melbourne, VIC, 1985

Band Information

The godfathers of Australian power and progressive metal, Taramis came to be in Melbourne in 1985 as a local answer to the likes of Iron Maiden, and had been previously known as Prowler. Prowler’s original line-up was Southby, Robinson, Komorr and Cordina along with Mick Cawthan (guitar). They released a demo before Cordina and Cawthan left and Browne came in on drums. Taramis’ style also touched base with the likes of Rush and Mercyful Fate.

The first album appeared in 1987 and was widely acclaimed, making some headway for the band overseas with the record being re-released in the US through Metal Blade. During the resultant tour Komorr left and was replaced by Andy Caveman for the remaining shows; Harris joined in 1987 but then Robinson departed. Ex-New Religion guitarist Larin took his place.

Stretch of the Imagination was released in Europe and Taramis supported Sepultura and Ian Gillan in 1992. A third album was begun but Southby moved interstate and the band drifted apart by the mid 1990s. A reformed line-up played a one-off show in Melbourne in late 1999. Taramis played a single reunion show on June 20, 2009 in memory of Dave Browne.

Both albums were re-released on My Graveyard Records in June 2009, just in time for the Dave Browne Tribute show. Queen of Thieves contains the orginal "Prowler" demo and also a DVD of two live shows -- one on the roof of Metal for Melbourne, the other from the Bell St Rock. Stretch of the Imagination has a demo from post-SOTI album featuring three unreleased songs, and the video for "Dreaming".



1987 Queen of Thieves Metal for Melbourne
1991 Stretch of the Imagination Metal for Melbourne