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OriginMelbourne, VIC
GenresThrash metal, progressive metal
Years active1996 - 2002, 2006 - present
LabelsEmpire, Rowe, Jellyfish, CMC, Nightmare
Associated actsDamnations Day, Deprivation, Meshiaak
MembersDean Kennedy, Brett Rerekura, Dean Wells, John Zambelis
Past memberssee left

Band members

  • Current Line-up
    • Dean Kennedy (drums)
    • Brett Rerekura (vocals)
    • Dean Wells (guitars)
    • John Zambelis (guitar)
  • Former members
    • Jake Weber (bass) 2012
    • Allan Heyne (bass) 2006 - 2012
    • Patrick William (vocals) 2006 - 2012
    • Miles Krensin (drums) 2010
    • Neil Favelle (live guitar) 2009
    • Jayson Sherlock (live drums) 2009
    • Julian Percy (drums) 2006 - 2009 d. 15/6/09
    • Clinton Johannes (vocals, keys) 1998 - 2002
    • Antonio Paulo (drums) 1993 - 2002
    • Matthew Ritchie (bass) 1993 - 2002
    • Adam Wilkie (guitar) 1997 - 1998
    • Adam Burnell (guitar) 1993 - 1997

Band information

Teramaze is a metal/progressive band from Melbourne, formed by Dean Wells, that existed for most of the 90s. Early material featured on of Rowe Productions' compilations and an album appeared in 1995 with the line-up of Paulo, Wells, Ritchie, Brett Rerekura (vocals) and Adam Burnell (guitar). Rowe released their second album three years later with Johannes and Adam Wilke (guitar) replacing Burnell and Rerekura. This album was particularly melodic in a Queensrÿche-like fashion. While Teramaze remained quite obscure, they did develop a solid fanbase and a strong reputation for good material. "Not the Criminal" was a live recording and issued worldwide on CMC International.

Teramaze split in December 2002, with members moving on to various projects. Wells embarked a solo career for a while. In 2006 he reformed Teramaze; Anthology appeared in mid-2008. The group completed an album produced with Jeff Waters from Annihilator during 2009. Julian Percy had to step aside from the band with a heart condition in June 2009. Ex-Mortification drummer Jayson Sherlock was announced as Percy's temporary replacement; however, Percy died on June 15, 2009. Anhedonia was finally released in 2012. With Wells remaining the creative core of the band, Teramaze has featured members of Damnations Day and Deprivation in recent incarnations. Original vocalist Brett Rerekura recently rejoined the band and a new album was released in 2014.



1995 Doxology Empire
1998 Tears to Dust Rowe
2008 Anthology Jellyfish
2012 Anhedonia Nightmare
2014 Esoteric Symbolism Nightmare


2000 Not the Criminal CMC

Compilation tracks:

Album cover Year Track Title Album Title Label
1994 "Generation X", "Ever Enhancing", "Emancipator" Raise the Dead - Australian Metal Compilation Rowe