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Also known asTerrorphobia
OriginMelbourne, VIC
GenresThrash metal
Years active1992 - 2002
LabelsMetalforce International
Associated actsMortification
Past membersMick Jelinic, Niko, Joe Plozza, Steve Cassar, Jason Hill, Scott McKenzie

Band members

  • Final Line-up
    • Mick Jelinic (vocals, guitar)
    • Niko (bass)
    • Joe Plozza (drums)
  • Former members
    • Steve Cassar (bass)
    • Jason Hill (drums)
    • Scott McKenzie (vocals)


Melbourne, VIC, 1992

Band information

This was an old school technical thrash metal band from Melbourne. As Terrorphobia, the band recorded a CD originally intended for international distribution, although this deal apparently fell through. After this the band seemed to vanish, only to reappear sometime later as Terraphobia, considerably improved. Jelinic recorded two further EPs virtually singlehandedly before concentrating on re-establishing Terraphobia as a legitimate band with the recruitment of Niko and Plozza to complete the line-up and consequently issuing the Enemy Within... album. Jelinic joined Mortification in mid-2002 and it would appear that Terraphobia has again been laid to rest.



2001 Enemy Within... self release


1993 Product of Your Mind Metal Force International
1996 Natural Born Killer self release
1997 An Eye for an Eye self release

Compilation tracks:

Year Track Title Album Title Label
1999 "Welcome to the Holocaust" Halloween Metalfest 99 Metal Warriors