The Mark of Cain

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The Mark of Cain
OriginAdelaide, SA
GenresNoise rock, punk, hardcore
Years active1984 - present
LabelsFeel, rooArt, Dominator, BMG
Associated actsTomahawk, Battles, Lifepilot, Helmet, Spiral Collapse, The Iron Sheikhs
MembersJohn Scott, Kim Scott, Eli Green
Past membersJohn Stanier, Campbell Robinson, Aaron Hewitt, John Rickert, Charles Lockey, Neil Guiver, Roger Crisp, David Graham, Gavin Anderson, Rod Archer

Band members

  • Current line-up
    • Eli Green (drums)
    • John Scott (vocals, guitar)
    • Kim Scott (bass)
  • Former members
    • John Stanier (drums) 1999 - 2012
    • Campbell Robinson (drums) 1988 - 1991, 1995 - 1998
    • Aaron Hewitt (drums) 1991 - 1995
    • John Rickert (drums) 1986, 1986 - 1988
    • Charles Lockey (drums) 1988
    • Neil Guiver (drums) 1988
    • Roger Crisp (drums) 1984 - 1986, 1986
    • David Graham (drums) 1984
    • Gavin Anderson (drums) 1984
    • Rod Archer (vocals) 1984 - 1985 (d. 26/2/16)

Band information

The Mark of Cain is not a heavy metal band but the density of their sound and intensity of their live performances has endeared them to fans of hard-edged music of all kinds. While TMOC has been compared to the likes to Rollins Band and Helmet, the band predates both of them by almost half a decade and their early sound drew more from a combination of early Joy Division and US hardcore. Formed as a four-piece in Adelaide in 1984, vocalist Rod Archer left by the end of 1985 and The Mark of Cain soon became the three-piece formation so well known today. Throughout their long history, the Scott brothers have been the stable members. After Gavin Atkinson was replaced, there was a succession of drummers. John Rickert remained long enough for the band to support Big Black in 1987.

After Campbell Robinson replaced Neil Guiver in 1988, The Mark of Cain released Battlesick in 1989 and The Unclaimed Prize in 1991. Over the next year and a half, the Scott brothers worked in the US. The band reconvened in 1992 and recorded Incoming EP with new drummer Aaron Hewson and producer Steve Albini and they appeared nationally at the Big Day Out in early 1994. Albini's association with the group led to an interest from Henry Rollins, who produced their 1995 breakthrough album Ill at Ease. A national tour followed its release including an appearance at the Livid Festival but shortly afterward Aaron Hewitt quit and Robinson returned.

Rock and Roll was a bold experiment that featured remixes of several tracks by Paul Mac, Justin Broadrick, B(if)tek and Franz Treichler and produced by Nick Launay and Tim Rogers. The band appeared at Livid again in 1996 and Robinson was replaced by Stuart Baguley in late 1998.

Ex-Helmet drummer John Stanier was rumoured to be joining the band in mid-99; he was hired to play on the This is This album that was produced by Gang of Four's Andy Gill and afterward was declared The Mark of Cain's official drummer. Following this the band went on an extended hiatus that lasted until 2008 when they started writing for another album. Mooted for 2011, Songs of the Third and Fifth was eventually released in December 2012 and featured a spoken word guest appearance by Rollins. Due to Stanier's commitment to Tomahawk and Battles, Lifepilot's Eli Green acted at TMOC's drummer for their tour the following year. For the 30th anniversary of Battlesick, TMOC toured nationally, now with Green at the kit full time. In 2022, The Mark of Cain was inducted into the SA Music Hall of Fame and the band toured to celebrate the achievement.



1989 Battlesick Dominator
1991 The Unclaimed Prize Dominator
1995 Ill at Ease rooArt
1996 Rock and Roll rooArt
2001 This is This BMG
2012 Songs of the Third and Fifth Feel


1988 The Lords of Summer Phantom
1994 Tell Me Insipid
1995 First Time rooArt
1996 LMA rooArt
1997 Degenerate Boy rooArt
1997 Interloper (Who Made Who Remix) rooArt
2001 [R] Retaliate BMG
2001 Familiar Territory BMG
2001 Lock Down BMG
2012 Barkhammer Feel
2014 Grey 11 Feel


1993 Incoming Dominator
1994 The Killer is Within Dominator