The Veil

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The Veil
OriginSydney, NSW
GenresDoom metal, progressive metal, Goth metal
Years active2006 – 2021, 2022 - present
Associated actsSpawn, Lycanthia, The Eternal, Ironwood, Sword Toward Self, Bleakwood, Intorment Black, Tears of Seraphim, Praetorian, Epitaph, Persecution, Pleasure Ground
MembersChe deBoehmler, Ben Rumble
Past membersWayne McIntyre, Vanessa Ritchie, Dan Nahum, Ryan Buesnel, Ola Nilsson, Alle Bekker, Rob Mijatovic, Megan Hanlon

Band Members

  • Lineup
    • Che deBoehmler (guitar, vocals)
    • Pete Kotevski (drums)
    • Ben Rumble (bass)
  • Former Members
    • Wayne Mcintyre (guitar, vocals)
    • Vanessa Ritchie (keys, vocals)
    • Dan Nahum (drums)
    • Brad Gentle (live bass)
    • Megan Hanlon (bass, vocals, oboe)
    • Ryan Buesnel (drums, percussion)
    • Ola Nilsson (violin, viola)
    • Alle Bekker (keys, accordion)
    • Rob Mijatovic (drums)


Sydney, NSW, 2006

Band Information

Founded by Che deBoehmler following the demise of Spawn, The Veil was a dark atmospheric Sydney band drawing on elements of doom, post-punk/goth, black metal and early 90s death metal. In late 2007 the band supported Alchemist, and appeared with Nazxul as the main support for their Iconoclast album launch in October 2009. The Veil supported in Alcest for the Sydney date of their Australian tour in 2011 and Ghosts of Memory was released soon after, in November 2011. In 2012, The Veil played at the Dublin Doom Days fest in Ireland. Work on Impermanence began after that, and the album was released in the second half of 2014. The Veil announced it had disbanded in late 2021, but de Boehmler reformed the band less than a year later.



2011 Ghosts of Memory Independent
2014 Impermanence Independent


2009 Nightfall Watching Independent