Tough Luxury

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Tough Luxury
OriginSydney, NSW
GenresHard rock
Years active1984 - 1998
Associated actsHeaven, Boss
Past memberssee left

Band members

  • Line-up
    • Stuart Cave (vocals)
    • Peter Rich (guitar)
  • Other known members
    • Mark Amore (guitar) (1990)
    • Steve Aubey (drums) (1990)
    • Dave Edwards (guitar) (1986)
    • Mark Essenhugh (drums) (1986)
    • Scott Ginn (bass) (1986)
    • Mick Katsilis (bass) (1985)
    • Laurie Marlow (bass) (1986)
    • Kevin McDonald (bass) (1985)
    • Joe Turtur (drums) (1986)


Sydney, NSW, 1984

Band information

Tough Luxury was a hard working but unremarkable boogie/blues based heavy rock band from Sydney. Members came and went with high regularity. Marlow and Turtur had previously been with Heaven. Scott Ginn (who also produced the album) was formerly of Boss. Cave led the band through interminable line up changes until the close of the 1980s. He revived the name for a handful of gigs in late 1997 and early 1998.



1986 Streetwise Possum


1986 Movin' Too Fast Possum