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Who the fuck is Pharmer4?

Pharmer4 is a dude with too much time to spend on metal.

Heavy Metal Nation

I run Heavy Metal Nation - basically an online street press. I take submissions from anyone (well, if you submit a review of your own band, it won't get published, but anything else you send in will). I take submissions on anything to do with metal et al, and the only editing I do is grammatical. No censorship, no deleting opinions etc.

If it sounds like something you'd like to contribute to, then fucking contribute!

Night Of Darkness

I am also the Secretary/Treasurer for Night Of Darkness Inc. This is the Not For Profit group in my hometown of Deniliquin that organises metal gigs three times per year (February, June/July, November). At the time of writing, NOD3 is almost upon us. You can check that shit at NOD Myspace

We organised NOD for a few reasons:

  • There are not enough metal gigs in Deniliquin (Southern NSW), and those that do occur are in licensed premesis, so the kids here can't enjoy it.
  • We wanted local bands to have a chance to play in front of larger crowds with experienced bands.
  • We wanted to set up a regular rural event that had a good reputation with the bands that have played - we ensure that all bands are paid and paid fairly, with a cut of ticket sales, and plenty of merch-selling opportunities.
  • I personally was sick of having to travel all the time to see good shit, so I figured I'd find a way to bring the metal to me.

For Whom Metallica Tolls

Not specifically to do with Australian metal, but I also run the Australian Metallica fan club, For Whom Metallica Tolls. For Whom Metallica Tolls (yes, russian domain, it was free). One of the specific purposes is to organise a clubbers gig in Melbourne for their next tour.

Anything Else?

Probably. Now that I've found this site, I'm sure to try and get as involved as possible.

What I Want To Work On Here

?? denotes something that would need to be discussed with admin, to see if it fits the philosophy of the site.

  • Introducing pages for releases (beginning with albums, working up to EPs and even singles, depending on server demands I suppose)
  • Coming up with some template or satisfactory way to link to interviews with bands for band pages, or reviews of CDs for release pages, without it being a spam-o-rama.
  • Clearing the Wanted Pages page by making pages for them.
  • Create pages for Australian heavy metal labels.
  • ?? Create pages for individuals in the Australian metal scene (band members, producers etc)
  • ?? Create pages for services etc supplied to metal bands in Australia, as a guide (ie recording studios, tour promoters, notable venues, agents perhaps)

New Band Page Template

best to use the edit option and select everything between the nowiki tags

===Band members=== *Current Line-up **Member 1 (instrument [no capitals]) **Member 2 (instrument [no capitals]) *Former members **Ex memner 1 (instrument [no capitals]) ===Website=== [] ===Formed=== City, State, Year ===Band information=== Lorem Ipsum Doler blah de fucking blah ===Discography=== '''Albums:''' {| ! width="200" height="200 | ! width="40"| ! width="220"| ! width="220"| |- | [[Image:XXX.jpg|thumb|150px]] | year | '''''Title''''' | Label |- |} '''EPs:''' {| ! width="200" height="200 | ! width="40"| ! width="220"| ! width="220"| |- | [[Image:XX.jpg|thumb|150px]] | Year | '''''Title''''' | Label |- |} '''Singles:''' {| ! width="200" height="200 | ! width="40"| ! width="220"| ! width="220"| |- | [[Image:XX.jpg|thumb|150px]] | Year | '''''Title''''' | Label |- |} '''Compilation track:''' {| ! width="200" height="200 | ! width="40"| Year ! width="220"| Track Title ! width="220"| Album Title ! width="70"| Label |- | [[Image:XXX.jpg|thumb|150px]] | Year | "track name" | '''''compilation name''''' | [ Label] |- |} [[Category:Bands from STATE]] [[Category:Bands from CITY]] [[Category:Bands that played NOTED FESTIVAL]]