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OriginMelbourne, VIC
GenresProgressive metal, progressive rock
Years active1992 - present
MembersFab Gallen
Past membersChris Deloy, Stacy Handchild, Federic Leduc, Edward Katz, Paul Read

Band members

  • Current Line-up
    • Fab Gallen (vocals, guitar, bass)
  • Former members
    • Paul Read (guitar)
    • Chris Deloy (keys, drums)
    • Stacy Handchild (vocals)
    • Federic Leduc (guitar)
    • Edward Katz (bass, keys)

Band information

Taking variant band-name spellings to an almost ridiculous level, Melbourne's Vauxdvihl (pronounced 'vaudeville') was a skilled and interesting progressive metal band, sort of like a darker version of Dream Theater. The band's album made some considerable impact outside of Australia while remaining virtually unheard of here, but fans of inspired and original progressive metal are urged to seek it out. Be warned however, as being a self-released issue To Dimension Logic is very rare.

The follow-up EP featured only Deloy and Fallen from the previous line-up and was completely different musically as well, geared in an experimental industrial direction. Two further recordings have since emerged, the most recent a demo in mid-2007.



1994 To Dimension Logic self release


1996 Vog self release