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OriginSydney, NSW
Years active2007 - 2009
Associated actsEnd of Aeon, Starforge, Transcending Mortality, Inslain, Black Horizon, Tears of Seraphim
Past membersMike Barillaro, Alison Cunningham, Corey Eves, Brad Hunt, Eliza-Leah Lane, Danni Perez, Andy Suppradit

Band Members

  • Final Line-Up
    • Mike Barillaro (guitar)
    • Corey Eves (bass)
    • Brad Hunt (drums)
    • Eliza-Leah Lane (vocals)
    • Danni Perez (guitar)
    • Andy Suppradit (guitar)
  • Former members
    • Alison Cunningham (vocals) (2007 - 2008)

Band Information

Sydney's Anjeliina originally formed in 2001 as an electronic rock act but split in 2005. Original members Perez and Barillaro (who was also a member of Tears of Seraphim at one point) reformed the group in early 2007 as a Trivium-style metal band with melodic female vocals. Late the same year Anjeliina were dual winners (with Amali Ward) of the Tony Mott Photography Award in the MusicOz Awards.

The band was in the process of currently recording an album, however vocalist Alison Cunningham left Anjellina in April 2008. The following September, Eliza-Leah Lane replaced Cunningham and Corey Eves (Transcending Mortality, Inslain) joined on bass at the same time, with Barillaro moving to guitar. This group seems to have now changed its name to End of Aeon.