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OriginWyong, NSW
GenresThrash metal, speed metal
Years active2005 - 2012
LabelsPulverised, Metal Blade
Associated actsDeströyer 666, Razor of Occam, Paindivision, DragonHeart, Savage Messiah, Killrazer, Marshall Law, Axis of Evil, Dark Order, Devine Electric
MembersBerserker, Hellfinder, Crucifier
Past membersAC, Bonic, Intruder,Pete Hunt

Band members

  • Final line up
    • S. Berserker (Simon Turner) (vocals, guitar)
    • T. Hellfinder (guitar)
    • Z. Crucifier (Zoran Mrakic) (bass)
  • Former members
    • Peter Hunt (drums)
    • M. Intruder (bass)
    • AC (drums)
    • L. Bonic (drums) (2005)

Band information

After his stint with Deströyer 666, Berserker formed Assaulter in 2005 with a view to creating dark speed metal in the vein of bands like Dark Angel. A demo appeared shortly after with Bonic providing drums but as the project expanded to become a full band, AC joined in time for the second demo. While seeking further membership, Assaulter completed a 7" vinyl that was released in May 2008 through a German label and signed to Singaporean label Pulverised for an album release. Salvation Like Destruction appeared late in 2008. Line-up problems restricted the band's progress but after Hellfinder joined they recorded a split with Trench Hell. Pete Hunt from Razor of Occam joined the band in time to record Boundless! featuring Berserker on bass and guitars after Intruder was let go. The album was released worldwide by Poison Tongue through Metal Blade in July 2011. Zed from Killrazer and Devine Electric came onboard as the band's bass player at the same time and Assaulter featured at Evil Invaders and did a short east coast tour. Another idle period followed, but the band returned to live performance at the 2012 Evil Invaders and headed to Europe for some shows in July and August. In December 2012, the band announced it had split.



2008 Salvation Like Destruction Pulverised
2011 Boundless! Poison Tongue


2008 Subservience Iron Bonehead


2009 Beware the Wounded Beast (split with Trench Hell) Iron Bonehead