Beretta Justice

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Beretta Justice
OriginSydney, NSW
Years active2005 - 2008
Associated actsIgnite the Ibex
Past membersChris Blancato, Christopher Breeden, Terrance Crane, James Dean, James Muscat

Band members

  • Line-up
    • Chris Blancato (drums)
    • Christopher Breeden (guitar)
    • Terrance Crane (vocals)
    • James Dean (guitar)
    • James Muscat (bass)


Sydney, NSW, 2005

Band information

Formed in Sydney in 2005 by vocalist Terrance Crane and guitarist James Dean, Beretta Justice was a technical deathcore band. They appeared at A Taste of Chaos in 2006. Following this Christopher Breedon joined the band and Beretta Justice toured to Perth in early 2007. Drummer Chris Blancato and bassist James Muscat were added to the line-up shortly afterwards.

The band had an EP due for release in 2008, but in October announced they were instead breaking up after a final show in December. Terrance Crane joined Ignite The Ibex briefly.