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OriginSydney, NSW
GenresThrash metal, groove metal
Years active1992 - 2002
Associated actsMortality, Henry's Anger, Mischling, Deadspawn, Neophobia
Past membersChad Bartosik, Steve Essa, Anthony Henning, Darren Jenkins, Darren Maloney, Russell Player, Steve Simmons

Band members

  • Final line-up
    • Steve Essa (guitar)
    • Anthony Henning (bass)
    • Darren Jenkins (drums)
    • Steve Simmons (vocals)
  • Former members
    • Darren Maloney (vocals) 1997 - 2001
    • Russell Player (vocals, guitar) 1992 - 1997
    • Chad Bartosik (drums) 1992 - 1995

Band information

Cryogenic was formed as a thrash band in Sydney in 1992 by Steve Essa, with Anthony Henning, Russell Player and drummer Chad Bartosik, who was also a member of Neophobia. In 1994 the band’s self-titled four-track demo came out through Warhead Records and they contributed to the Warhead Records compilation album Warhead Vol. 1 in 1995. Bartosik’s replacement in Neophobia, Grahame Goode, filled in for Cryogenic on the live front as they searched for a permanent drummer and due to this the band was able to support Channel Zero in late 1995. Without a drummer the band was on the verge of splitting up until ex-Mortality guitarist Darren Jenkins began to rehearse with them in late 1995.

Hypocrisy featured Bartosik’s drumming and Jenkins was in place by August 1996 when they supported Fear Factory in Sydney. In 1997 work began on a debut album, during which time Player was replaced by Darren Maloney from Mortality and the vocal tracks were re-recorded. Following the release of the album, Cryogenic supported tours by Strapping Young Lad and Cradle of Filth in late 1997 and Entombed in early 1998. Several months later, Cryogenic played shows in Germany, England and South Africa, where they toured with Groinchurn; they also toured Australia with Slayer. Late in the year they played at Metal for the Brain for the first time.

Cryogenic was added to the line-up of the Sydney Big Day Out in January 1999. ego-noria was released toward the end of the year and supported by heavy touring. The album was self-released by the band and featured a unique die-cut fold-out booklet. The year culminated in a headlining appearance at Metal for the Brain.

2000 began in a similar manner to the previous year when Cryogenic again featured at the Big Day Out. Two months later they embarked on the World War Three east coast tour with Alchemist and Psi.Kore between March and May. They again featured at Metal for the Brain.

In January 2001, Cryogenic once again appeared at the Sydney Big Day Out, but after this the band went off the radar for most of the rest of the year. In October it was announced that Maloney had been replaced by ex-Mischling and Henry's Anger singer Steve Simmons. The next twelve months were fairly low-key for the band as it developed a new style while focusing on a move to the United States. With tentative plans made for shows in LA, Simmons was seriously injured in a car accident in September 2002 and was forced to leave the band. The remainder of Cryogenic moved base to LA in December where they were joined by Ryan David a short time later and changed name to In The Name Of. After just on two years of playing the LA club circuit, that band broke up in early 2005.



1997 Suspended Animation Warhead
1999 Ego-noria EMA


1996 Hypocrisy Warhead