Psi Kore

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OriginSydney, NSW
GenresGroove metal
Years active1996 - 2002
Associated actsDaysend, As Silence Breaks, Daemon Pyre, Lillyé, Infernal Method, The Amenta, Deadspawn, Syphilis, Atomizer, Mortality, Icon of Deceit, Inslain, Morgana and the Monstars, Carnage
Past membersAaron Bilbija, Alex Dourian, Gekko, Chuck Lamb, Matt Lamb, Andrew Lilley, Ben Walker, Meredith Webster

Band Members

  • Final Line-Up
    • Aaron Bilbija (guitar)
    • Chuck Lamb (vocals, guitar)
    • Matt Lamb (drums)
    • Meredith Webster (bass)
  • Former Members
    • Ben Walker (guitar) 2001
    • Andrew Lilley (guitar) 1998 - 2001
    • Alex Dourian (bass) 1996 - 1998
    • Gekko (drums) 1996 - 1997

Band Information

Psi.Kore was a groove metal band that was formed from the ashes of a Sydney death metal unit called Carnage in 1996 by guitarist Adam Boyle, bass player Alex Dourian and singer Chuck Lamb. Boyle left after only a few weeks. A rough demo was recorded as a three piece in 1997 and the band supplied a version of Kiss’ God Gave Rock n Roll to You II on a Sydney compilation called Rock, that featured guest vocals from the singers of all the other bands on the album. Shortly afterward, Gekko was replaced by Matt Lamb.

In May 1998 Andrew Lilley joined and a Queensland visit with Deadspawn followed. Dourian left soon afterward. Meredith Webster joined in December 1998, making her first live appearance when Psi.Kore opened for Damaged and Blood Duster in Sydney. In 1999 Psi.Kore supported Vision of Disorder, Entombed, Cathedral and Nevermore and finished the year by playing at Metal for the Brain.

The band’s self-titled EP coincided with a nationwide tour alongside Alchemist and Cryogenic between March and May 2000. Following this, Psi.Kore toured with Skinlab and appeared at the Grounded festival and then Metal for the Brain in October. A tour late in the year with Damaged followed, but Lilley had to stand down from the dates due to a freak nerve condition and his role was filled by Cryogenic guitarist Steve Essa at some dates. 2001 began with a national tour with Cradle of Filth and Abramelin but Lilley was fired after the tour. Ben Walker joined for a tour with Megadeth in August but he was fired after their appearance at Metal for the Brain. Ex-Deadspawn and Infernal Method guitarist Aaron Bilbija joined Psi.Kore in January 2002.

This line-up’s debut at Grounded was cancelled when Matt Lamb injured his hand but after he recovered Psi.Kore played the Overcranked festival in Brisbane and then two legs of the High Voltage touring festival, in Adelaide and Sydney. After this, Psi.Kore went off the road to prepare for the recording of a full-length album however internal tension once again rose to a head and the band acrimoniously split in August 2002. Webster, Bilbija and Matt Lamb formed Daysend shortly afterward.



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