Blood Duster

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Blood Duster
OriginMelbourne, VIC
GenresGrind, death metal
Years active1991 – present
LabelsDr Jims, High Voltage, Shock, Relapse, Goatsound
Associated actsThe Day Everything Became Nothing, Psycroptic, Dern Rutlidge, Ruins, The Amenta, The Kill, Mindsnare, Abramelin, Abyssic Hate, Hecatomb, Portrayal, Very Very Dead and Gory, Pod People, I Exist, King Parrot, Fracture, Burn the City, Entasis, Solemn Assembly, The Young Breeders, Festering Utopia, KING, Crisis Act, Burn the Hostages, The Ruiner, Werewolves, Damnatory, Remains
Past membersJason PC, Tony Forde, Matt Lo-Pants, Matt Rizzo, Dave Haley, Beltsy, Matt Rizzo, JJ Lawhore, Finn Alman, Euan Heriot, Shane Rout, Brad Johnston, Troy Darlington, Callum Wilson, Brick, Anthony Barry

Band members

  • Final line-up
    • Jason PC (Jason Fuller) (bass)
    • Tone Bone (Tony Forde) (vocals)
    • Matt Lo-Pants (Matt Collins) (guitar)
    • Matt Rizzo (drums)
  • Former members
    • Dave Haley (drums) 2007 - 2015
    • Belt Thrower (Scott Pritchard) 2003-2015
    • JJ LaWhore (Josh Nixon) (guitar) 2000 - 2003
    • Finn Alman (guitar) 1994 - 2000
    • Euan Heriot (drums) 1995 - 1999
    • Shane Rout (drums) 1993 - 1994
    • Brad Johnston (guitar) 1993 - 1994
    • Troy Darlington (guitar, vocals) 1992
    • Callum Wilson (vocals) 1992
    • Brick (Andrew Brown) (drums) 1991 - 1993
    • Anthony Barry (vocals, guitar) 1991

Band information

Blood Duster was formed by Jason "PC" Fuller inb Melbourne in 1991. With Andrew "Brick" Brown and Anthony Barry they recorded the demo "Menstrual Soup" almost immediately. Barry was fired soon after and guitarist Troy Darlington and vocalist Callum Wilson replaced him but Wilson too was sacked before Blood Duster had ever played live. With Darlington handling vocals, the band played one show but he and Brown were quickly replaced by ex-Entasis vocalist Tony Forde and former Hecatomb members Shane Rout and Brad Johnston. Wilson later formed Very Very Dead and Gory and teamed up with Darlington again in a doom band called Portrayal.

Blood Duster recorded Fisting the Dead which was intended as a split release on Norwegian label Wild Rags with Impetigo and Meat Shits, but the former band broke up before it could be completed and the label ditched the idea. Following this, the band financed a national tour with Brutal Truth and Rout and Johnston left, with Rout going on to commit to his solo black metal project Abyssic Hate. The pair were replaced by Matt Rizzo and Finn Alman and Blood Duster then produced the EP "Yeest" but Rizzo was then replaced by Euan Heriot from Abramelin and Fracture.

In 1996 Relapse Records re-released "Yeest" as a full-length album by adding Fisting the Dead's tracks. The same year, Fuller formed the stoner band Dern Rutlidge with three former members of Christbait. 1997's Str8outtanorthcote saw the further expansion of the death-rock element the band had introduced on "Yeest". They also began experimenting with country-style acoustic tracks and ambient noise. In 1998 Blood Duster toured nationally with Brutal Truth once again and a live album was recorded which wasn't released for many years. Heriot left Blood Duster in June 1999 and Rout re-joined, although he left again after only a few rehearsals and Rizzo came back to the fold in time for Metal for the Brain in December. A short time later, Finn Alman departed, making way for Matt "Lo-Pants" Collins.

Cunt featured more of the band's earlier grindcore leanings. Josh "JJ LaWhore" Nixon from Pod People joined on second guitar shortly afterward.

Blood Duster was to head to the US for touring in August of 2001 but the deal fell through and the band started working on a new album while PC was in Europe touring with Dern Rutlidge. In late 2001 the band featured on a national tour by The Dwarves; in 2002 the band played on the High Voltage touring mini-festival and issued "D.F.F.", one song of which, "66.6fm On Your Radio Dial" featured on a TV commercial for Reflex copying papaer.

Blood Duster began 2003 with a national tour with The Haunted in March. Nixon had departed during recording of the follow-up album although much of his playing still appeared on it. Beltsy from Mindsnare took his place and the album was released in February. Blood Duster featured guest appearances from Dave Evans of AC/DC fame and all three members of The Spazzys on the track "I Wanna Do it With a Donna" that was released as a single.

In 2004, Blood Duster toured with the Big Day Out throughout January. Most of the rest of the year was spent doing live shows around the country although some touring was curtailed when Forde was injured stagediving at a gig in Geelong. In January 2005, Blood Duster appeared at Metal for the Brain in Canberra and then played shows with The Dwarves and Pungent Stench.

After completing work on the DVD collection The Shape of Death to Come, Blood Duster toured through Europe and Japan in June and July 2005. For much of 2006 Blood Duster was off the road as Collins toured with Burn The City, a band he formed with Tom Read of Bodyjar. Beltsy also played with Mindsnare and Forde recorded and toured with The Day Everything Became Nothing. In September 2006 Blood Duster toured Australia with Danzig and shortly afterward a bootleg of a live show from their tour with Brutal Truth was released through Sydney hardcore label Straight Up. Late that year the band began work on a triple album featuring a disc each of death, grind and drone. The album, Lyden Nå, was released in April 2007 after an appearance with Slayer and featured guest appearances from Darryl Cotton and various members of Earth, Pod People and Dern Rutlidge. The drone component was made available as a download using a code that was supplied with the album. Lyden Nå, Norwegian for "The Now Sound" debuted in the Australian independent album chart at No. 7. In September Rizzo was fired and replaced by Dave Haley of Psycroptic ahead of a national tour with Napalm Death. After this they issued a split 7" vinyl EP with Venomous Concept and continued with various side-projects. In May 2008 the band appeared at the Maryland Death Fest in the US alongside Fuck... I'm Dead. All of Blood Duster's albums prior to Lyden Nå were re-released in 2008 with new art and bonus tracks. During 2009 the band toured internationally and returned late in the year to play shows with The Dwarves and Brutal Truth.

Following an absence of almost two years, Blood Duster began playing live in Australia again during 2011, headlining Bastardfest alongside Psycroptic. Following another twelve month lay-off, Blood Duster re-appeared for the 2012 Bastardfest tour, accompanied by a new album called KVLT that was released on vinyl only and deliberately damaged at the mastering stage so the resultant album was actually unplayable. The band claimed this was a statement against illegal file-sharing, then released five new tracks under the title SVCK as a downloadable EP on the same day.

Although Jason PC intimated soon after the release of KVLT that Blood Duster may have finished, the group announced in January 2015 that Haley and Beltsy had been ousted from the band. Blood Duster then embarked on a small three-date East Coast tour as a four-piece, with a returning Rizzo on drums. That line-up played Blood Duster's last ever show at the Corner Hotel in Melbourne on December 9, 2017. Since the end of Blood Duster, Fuller has continued to build his Goatsound Recordings studio and label and play in bands including The Ruiner, Burn the Hostages and The Birdcage. Tony Forde is the vocalist with black metal band KING.



1994 Fisting the Dead Dr Jims
1997 Str8outtanorthcote Dr Jims
2000 Cunt Shock
2003 Blood Duster High Voltage
2007 Lyden Nå Goatsound
2012 KVLT Goatsound


2003 IWannaDoItWithADonna self release
2004 SixSixSixteen self release


1994 Yeest Dr Jims
2002 Drink!Fight!Fuck! High Voltage
2012 SVCK Goatsound


2008 Split with Vemomous Concept Obscene Productions


2005 The Shape of Death to Come Madman Entertainment