The Kill

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Band Members

  • Line-Up
    • Jay Jones (drums)
    • Nik (vocals)
    • Roby (guitar)
  • Former Members
    • Tony Forde (vocals) (2002 - 2003)
    • Neil (vocals) (1998 - 2002)



Melbourne, VIC, 1998

Band Information

The Kill is another of the seemingly endless parade of grind bands to emerge from Melbourne. Formed in 1998 by Jay of Open Wound (and now with Fuck... I'm Dead), the band played savage bursts of incredbly percussive and bass-less grind. Former Undinism member Neil was originally the band's vocalist. When he left the band split but reformed to play some shows with Tony from Blood Duster out front. The 14-track recording was started with Neil but abandoned after he left. It was completed with Tony's vocals and released after The Kill had split up once more.

The Kill reformed in 2008 with Nik from Super Fun Happy Slide on vocals and released a compilation of their album and self-titled demo. During 2009 the band played live-to-air on PBS and released the recording on CD. Over the course of the following year The Kill recorded a stream of songs to be included on splits with acts like Captain Cleanoff and Mortalized. An appearance at the Maryland Deathfest is on for 2011, along with an appearance at Bastardfest in Brisbane.



2008 Hate Sessions: 2000 - 2002 No Escape


2003 The Soundtrack to Your Violence No Escape


2002 Split with Retaliation Mortville
2003 Split with Birdflesh Regurgitated Semen