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OriginMelboure, NSW
GenresDoom metal, death metal
Years active1992 - 1995
Associated actsBlood Duster, Very Very Dead and Gory, Anarazel, Hobbs Angel of Death, Festering Utopia
Past membersAsheron, Dave Cohen, Troy Darlington, Hieu Doan, Talie Helene, Russell Mackey, Callum Wilson

Band Members

  • Final Line-Up
    • Asheron (bass)
    • Dave Cohen (drums)
    • Troy Darlington (guitar)
    • Hieu Doan (guitar)
    • Talie Helene (bass, keys)
    • Callum Wilson (vocals)
  • Former Members
    • Russell Mackey (bass) (1992 - 1994)

Band Information

Portrayal was an early 90s Melbourne band that experimented with early forms of doom/death and melodic death metal, somewhat akin to very early Anathema. Of particular note was two bassists playing counterpoint to each other. The band was formed in 1992 by two former members of Blood Duster, Wilson and Darlington, with Russell Mackey originally on bass. Asheron replaced Mackey in 1994 and the band split the next year.

Wilson, Cohen and Asheron went on to form the grind band Very Very Dead and Gory; Asheron was later with Anarazel. Helene is a writer and artist who was with Hobbs' Angel of Death for a brief period.



1993 The Eroticism of Matyrdom self release