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OriginHobart, TAS
GenresBlack metal
Years active2004 - present
Associated actsPsycroptic, Evil Dead, Blood Duster, The Amenta, Disseminate, Born Headless, Crisis Act, Domination Campaign, Gangs of Old Ladies, KING, Werewolves
MembersDave Haley, Alex Pope, Joe Haley, Kai Summers, Luke Ray

Band members

  • Line-up
    • Alex Pope (vocals)
    • Dave Haley (drums)
    • Joe Haley (guitar)
    • Kai Summers (bass)
    • Luke Ray (guitar)

Band information

Ruins is a black metal band from Hobart. Ruins began as a solo project for ex-Evil Dead drummer Pope, with Dave Haley from Psycroptic in a session role, although he has been a constant member of the band since it began. In 2006, a live line-up including Psycroptic's Joe Haley and Kai Summers of Born Headless was put together to play at Metal for the Brain and tour with Satyricon; this line-up remains to the present. The band featured at Festival of the Dead in 2007 and was then announced as the national support for Immortal's 2008 Australian tour. During June 2009, Ruins toured Australia with Psycroptic and The Amenta.

In September 2011, Ruins appeared at Bastardfest in Sydney and in January 2012 toured the east coast with Absu and Portal. In June Ruins toured with Goatwhore and Impiety and a fourth album was released.



2005 Spun Forth as Dark Nets Neurotic
2008 Cauldron Neurotic
2009 Front the Final Foes Debemur Morti Productions
2012 Place of No Pity Independent
2016 Undercurrent Listenable


2004 Atom and Time Blacktalon Media