Pod People

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Pod People
OriginCanberra ACT
GenresDoom metal, death metal
Years active1993 - 2012, 2019 - present
LabelsHigh Beam, Rise Above
Associated acts
  • Dave Dryden
  • Maggs
  • Brad Nicholson
  • Josh Nixon
  • Roy Torkington
Past members
  • Paul Carey
  • Adrian
  • Dunc
  • Ivan Merchant
  • Mel Walker

Band Members

  • Line-Up
    • Dave Dryden (bass)
    • Maggs (drums)
    • Brad Nicholson (vocals)
    • Josh Nixon (guitar)
    • Roy Torkington (guitar)
  • Former Members
    • Mel Walker (guitar) 1996 - 2012
    • Adrian (drums) 1993 - 1995
    • Dunc (bass) 1993 - 1995
    • Ivan Merchant (guitar) 1993 - 1995 d. 2/23
    • Paul Carey (guitar) 1993 - 1995

Band Information

Pod People formed Canberra in 1993 as a stoner rock act, eventually releasing a self-titled EP in 1995. Shortly afterwards the group imploded. Brad Nicholson reformed the band as a doom act by recruiting Dave Dryden from the sludge band Log of which he was also a member and the new Pod People was formed with Maggs from Precursor, Mel Walker from Pagan Babies and JJ Nixon. Pod People appeared at Metal for the Brain every year from 1996, played there more often that any other band except Alchemist.

In 2000, Pod People recorded their debut album, originally titled Ascent to Glamstonia but after considerable delays it was finally issued on High Beam in 2002 under the name Doom Saloon. The album was released by British label Rise Above in 2004. The band toured nationally with Electric Wizard in late 2005. Following this Pod People began writing for a follow-up album and played live only occasionally but featured on several key dates during 2007 with Nunchukka Superfly, Blood Duster and Celtic Frost. Mons Animae Mortuorom was released in August 2008 and during 2009 Josh Nixon joined I Exist. Pod People maintained an occasional existence after this album and after appearances at Bastardfest and Doomsday Fest during 2011 the band ended in 2012.

Pod People reformed in 2019 with Roy Torkington from Alchemist taking the place of Mel Walker. Founding guitarist Ivan Merchant passed away in February 2023.



2002 Doom Saloon High Beam
2008 Mons Animae Mortuorom Independent


1995 Pod People Independent
1998 Swingin' Beef Independent
1999 Soil Independent


2005 In the End (split with Daredevil) Independent