Fuck I'm Dead

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Band members

  • Line-up
    • Darren Condy (drums)
    • Dave Hill (guitar)
    • Xavier Irvine (guitar)
    • Jay Jones (vocals)
    • Jack Whitcroft (bass)
  • Former members
    • Tom Raetz (bass)




Melbourne, VIC, 2000

Band information

Fuck... I'm Dead is an incredibly crushing and debauched grindcore band from Melbourne. The band formed in mid-2000 by Hill, Raetz and Jones, all former members of Open Wound and Arseripper. After issuing a split vinyl release with Germany's Sanity’s Dawn the band was picked up by Razorback Records for the 23-track album release. Fuck... I'm Dead's sound features surprising bursts of melody and groove that makes them stand out from the grind crowd. The band has a fearsome live reputation that made them one of the highlights of Metal for the Brain in 2003. In 2005 the band appeared at the festival once more in both Canberra and Perth.

Fuck… I’m Dead doesn’t appear to suffer even though Hill is also a member of The Day Everything Became Nothing, Jones was formerly with The Kill and at one point all three members featured in Shallow Grave. In mid-2006 the band toured with Cryptopsy and also released a live DVD. During 2007 the FID announced they would be experimenting with a live drummer. Up until then the band was using a machine exclusively. Darren Condy joined in mid-2007 and shortly afterward Xavier Irvine from The Day Everything Became Nothing was also added on guitar.

Fuck... I'm Dead played the Maryland Death Fest and other selected US shows in May 2008; in July they supported Dismember in Melbourne. Tom Raetz left the band at this point and was replaced by Jack Whitcroft, another former member of The Day Everything Became Nothing.



2001 Bring on the Dead Razorback


2001 Split with Sanity's Dawn No Escape
2002 Fuck... I'm Dead vs. Engorged (split with Engorged) No Escape

Compilation tracks:

Year Track Title Album Title Label
2004 "Colon Commando" Legions: Opening of the Southern Gate BlackTalon Media
2005 "Barefoot and Shitfaced" Metal for the Brain 2005 Faultline
2011 "Waft of Stench"; "Bury the Cunt in Shit"; "Cave in Your Cranial Cavity" Slaughterfest IV Grindhead


2006 Gore Grind Thrash Attack Live No Escape