Infernal Method

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Infernal Method
OriginSydney, NSW
GenresDeath metal
Years active2001 - 2007
Associated actsDaysend, Mortality, Nazxul, Switchblade, Automation, Depression, Samara's Wounds, Dimmu Borgir, Lord Kaos, Friar Rush, Deadspawn, Shackles, Pyramaze, Flesh Mechanic, Dungeon, Atomizer, Dark Order, Neophobia, Killrazer, Stronger Than Hate, Rookwood, Icon of Deceit, Syphilis, Sanctium, As Silence Breaks, Lillyé
Past membersAstennu, Aaron Bilbija, Gerard Dack, Lee Glanzmann, Grahame Goode, Michael Kordek, Andrew Lilley, Pete Peric, Andrew Najdek, Joss Separovic, Matt Sorenssen, Shane Thomson, Evan Williams, Jonah Weingarten

Band Members

  • Final Line-Up
    • Gerard Dack (bass)
    • Grahame Goode (drums)
    • Pete Peric (guitar)
    • Andrew Najdek (vocals)
    • Matt Sorenssen (guitar)
  • Former Members
    • Evan Williams (vocals) 2005 - 2007
    • Lee Glanzmann (bass) 2001 - 2006
    • Josh Separovic (vocals) 2001 - 2005
    • Astennu (guitar) 2003 - 2004
    • Andrew Lilley (guitar) 2002 - 2003
    • Jonah Weingarten (keys) 2002
    • Aaron Bilbija (guitar) 2001
    • Michael Kordek (bass) 2001
    • Shane Thompson (vocals) 2001


Sydney, NSW, 2001

Band Information

Infernal Method was a melodic death metal band from Sydney that was formed after the break up of Deadspawn by Pete Peric in 2001. Former bandmates Aaron Bilbija, Grahame Goode and Automation's Michael Kordek soon joined and the band played at Metal for the Brain with Shane Thompson on vocals, in place of Deadspawn. After this Kordek and Bilbija both left the band and were replaced by Lee Glaznmann and Andrew Lilley. Shackles drummer Joss Separovic joined as vocalist and American musician Jonah Weingarten was recruited on keyboards for the band’s first official show as Infernal Method in Sydney. Weingarten was sacked immediately after this.

At the end of the year the band began working on an album but Separovic split for a short period before returning again; live work re-commenced but in May 2003 it was announced that Lilley had been replaced by ex-Lord Kaos, ex-Dimmu Borgir member Jamie “Astennu” Stinsson. This line-up played at Metal for the Brain in 2003 but afterwards did little. The album, which had been completed while Lilley was still in the band, remained unreleased while Infernal Method played a smattering of shows in early 2004. After appearing at Bloodlust in July 2004, Infernal Method had split. Goode joined Dungeon, Peric auditioned with Friar Rush before he too joined Dungeon but both left that band in February 2005.

Infernal Method reformed with Matt Sorenssen from Syphilis taking over from Astennu in March 2005. After some return shows, Separovic left Infernal Method to be replaced by Evan Williams from Flesh Mechanic. The band toured nationally with Insision in July 2005 and Architecture of Instinct was released in December after a support with Arch Enemy in November. Peric and Glanzmann left Infernal Method in February 2006. Andrew Najdek from Switchblade and Gerard Dack came in to replace them and the group featured at the Come Together Festival in Sydney in June. Peric then rejoined in time for a support stint with Dark Tranquillity later in the year. They featured at Metal for the Brain once again before Williams left in early 2007. Najdek rejoined the band as vocalist, but after being announced as a support act for a tour by Vader, Peric and Sorenssen left the band and Infernal Method folded.



2005 Architecture of Instinct Ward 69