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OriginSydney, NSW
GenresDeath metal
Years active1997 - 2000, 2024 - present
Associated actsDaysend, Neophobia, Killrazer, Infernal Method, Deadspawn, Nazxul, Dungeon, Rookwood, Stronger Than Hate, Chaotic Realm, Impaludism, Syphilis
MembersBrad Dickson
  • Grahame Goode
  • Michael Kordek
  • Paul Neville
Past membersPete Peric
  • Bob Latsombath

Band members

  • Line-up
    • Brad Dickson (bass)
    • Grahame Goode (drums)
    • Michael Kordek (guitar)
    • Paul Neville (guitar, vocals)
  • Former members
    • Pete Peric (guitar) 2000
    • Bob Latsombath (bass) 2000

Band information

Automation was a Sydney death metal band formed in mid 1997 by one-time Neophobia drummer Goode and three quarters of the former Chaotic Realm/Impaludism line up. My Gutter Child was released in mid-1999. In 2000, Dickson and Neville both left Automation. Syphilis guitarist Pete Peric and former Deadspawn bassist Bob Latsombath joined the band but nothing came of this formation and Automation disappeared.

The original line-up reformed in 2024.



1999 My Gutter Child Oracle