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OriginSydney NSW
GenresDeath metal, grindcore
Years active1996 - 2008
Associated actsDeadspawn, Infernal Method, Daysend, Rookwood, Nazxul, Ink, Depression, Dungeon
Past membersAaron Bilbija, Dong, Pete E, Lee Glanzman, Bob Latsombath, Pete Peric, Puke, Matt Sorenssen

Band members

  • Last known line-up
    • Puke (Andrew Boertien) (vocals)
    • Lee Glanzman (drums)
    • Pete Peric (guitar)
    • Pete E (bass)
    • Matt Sorenssen (guitar)
  • Other former members
    • Aaron Bilbija (guitar, then bass)
    • Dong (bass)
    • Bob Latsombath (bass)

Band information

Syphilis was a Sydney death/grind band. The group was started mainly for fun by Pete Peric and Lee Glanzman in 1996 and line-up details are vague as some members joined, departed and then joined again often. Various members came from or were with Deadspawn at various times including Peric, Bob Latsombath and Aaron Bilbija. The band seemed to go to ground with the departure of Peric and Glanzman for Infernal Method but Syphilis re-emerged and continued to play sporadically for a while.