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OriginPerth, WA
GenresDeath metal
Years active2016 - present
LabelsTranscending Obscurity
Associated actsPathogen, Gallows for Grace, Entrails Eradicated, The Alchemont, Mhorgl, Impiety, Shrapnel (WA), The Furor, Malignant Monster, Bloodlust, Pagan, Dybbuk, Iniquitous Monolith, Inanimacy, Scourge
MembersLynton Cessford, Louis Ranbdo, Jarrod Curley, Ainsley Watkins, Jamie Kay

Band Members

  • Line-Up
    • Lynton Cessford (guitar)
    • Jarrod Curley (guitar)
    • Louis Rando (drums)
    • Jamie Kay (vocals)
    • Ainsley Watkins (bass)

Band Information

Depravity is a death metal band formed in Perth in 2016 after the dissolution of Malignant Monster by three members of that band - Lynton Cessford, Jarrod Curley and Louis Rando - plus Ainsley Watkins (Scourge) and Jamie Kay of Inanimacy.



2018 Evil Upheaval Transcending Obscurity
2020 Grand Malevolence Transcending Obscurity


2016 Reign of the Depraved Independent