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OriginSydney/Central Coast, NSW
GenresProgressive death metal
Years active2009 – present
Associated actsNevetherym, Lycanthia, Rise of Avernus, Hemina
MembersDavid Butler, Andrew Craig, Neil McNaughton, Shane Wall

Band members

  • Current line-up
    • David Butler (guitar)
    • Andrew Craig (drums)
    • Neil McNaughton (bass)
    • Shane Wall (vocals)
    • Cat Guirguis (keys) (live)

Band information

Katabasis is a progressive/experimental death metal band with members from Sydney and the NSW Central Coast, formed by Shane Wall and David Butler and including ex-Nevetherym and Lycanthia drummer Andrew Craig. In June 2011 the band released its debut album and embarked on a national tour where they teamed up with Darker Half and also played at Bastardfest in Darwin. Katabasis have continued with a gruelling live schedule since the release of the album; Cat Guiguis of Rise of Avernus is the band's live keyboards player.



2011 Katabasis self release