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OriginPerth, WA
GenresBlack metal, Folk metal
Years active1993 - 1999
LabelsBloodless Creations
Associated actsVoyager, Vespers Descent, Pathogen The Furor, Syntony, Daybreak, Nazgul, TurningBlack
Past membersNick Bell, Mark Boeijen, Andrew Cantwell, Warren Hately, Liam Stone

Band members

  • Final line-up
    • Nick Bell (vocals, guitar)
    • Mark Boeijen (drums)
    • Warren Hately (bass, vocals)
  • Former members
    • Andrew Cantwell (drums) 1997
    • Liam Stone (drums) 1994 - 1996

Band information

Sámain was a black metal band from Perth with a musical vision that also incorporated pagan and folk elements. The band formed in 1993, around Warren Hately and Nick Bell, who had previously worked under the name Nazgul. With original drummer Liam Stone, Sámain began work on their first demo, An Leanábh Naomh (Bríste), which attracted attention from several labels. The Indomitus album was recorded in 1996, and despite remaining unreleased until September 1997 due to a bitter wrangle with their label, received excellent reviews and sold strongly worldwide.

Sámain played a handful of live shows to support the release with Andrew Cantwell behind the kit; his stay was short and he was quickly replaced by Mark Boeijen (also of Syntony). After the demo Revenge of the Natural Sámain went into hiatus for a brief period while Boeyen concentrated on Syntony and Hately pursued his university studies, but at the start of 1999 Hately decided to dissolve the band altogether due to personal frustration with the band's musical direction and disillusionment with the metal scene in general.



1995 Indomitus Bloodless Creations