Beijing Tank

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Band members

  • Current line-up
    • Michael Gemzik (vocals)
    • Paul Hirvonen (guitar)
    • Matt Schiffke (bass)
  • Former members
    • Chris Dumble (drums)
    • Todd Hansen (drums)


Brisbane, Queensland, 2003

Band information

Beijing Tank formed in Brisbane in 2003 as a three-piece of Hirvonen, Gemzik and Dumble. Their self-titled four-track demo from that year showed Beijing Tank to be a mixture of technical metal, mathcore and avant-garde. Schiffke joined the band in early 2004 and then began playing live, supporting Pungent Stench at the beginning of 2005 and releasing a six-track EP mid-year that was co-produced with former Devolved vocalist Nik Carpenter. Dumble left the band in early 2006. Following this the band became inactive and in March 2008 announced it had split. Hirvonen is now with The Dead.


2005 No Bodies Knows Ward 69