Blistered Palms

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Blistered Palms
OriginAdelaide, SA
GenresHeavy metal
Years active2005 - 2007
Associated actsEscape
Past membersDecay, John the Beast, Mark, Jason Schulze

Band members

  • Line-up
    • Decay (Tony Zisimou) (vocals, bass)
    • John the Beast (John Zisimou) (guitar)
    • Mark (vocals, guitar)
    • Jason Schulze (drums, vocals)

Band information

Blistered Palms was an Adelaide hard rock and metal band. The genesis of Blistered Palms goes back to a 1980s act called Escape that featured John the Beast and Decay. Escape made a name for themselves with spectacular stage shows that included wild lightshows, pyrotechnics and costumes made from hardware and animal fur. John's guitar was fitted with real extractors that shot flames and the band's music was featured in a small-budget film but no recordings of this group were ever made. Escape fell apart in 1986 when their bus crashed on tour and The Beast was in hospital for three years.

Blistered Palms formed in 2005 and released a three-track single. John the Beast was forced to leave the band in early 2007 due to recurring problems with his injuries. An album was being recorded but the band vanished.



2006 It Dosen't Matter Bunker