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OriginGawler, SA
GenresHeavy metal
Years active1980 - 1988
Associated actsBlistered Palms
Past membersJohn the Beast
  • Decay
  • Bob Gillett
  • Ari Yanuar
  • Wayne Harrison
  • Pil

Band members

  • Line-up
    • John "The Beast" Zisimou (guitar) d. 27.11.17
    • Tony "Decay" Zisimou (bass) d. 1.2.23
    • Bob Gillett (vocals)
    • Pil (drums)
  • Former members
    • Ari Yanuar (drums) 1986
    • Wayne Harrison (drums) 1985 - 1986


Gawler, SA, 1980

Band information

Escape formed in Gawler north of Adelaide in 1980 . BY 1984 they were based in Adelaide and developed a reputation for over-the-top live shows. Man-mountain John the Beast's barbarian outfit and guitar complete with a full set of extractors welded to it was arguably the main feature of the band's live show. The band recorded several tracks and featured in a B-Grade film but these recordings were lost. In 1986, the band’s tour bus crashed and The Beast spent three years in hospital recovering, effectively ending the group. John Zisimou died on November 27, 2017. Tony Zisimou passed away suddenly in February 2023.