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Band Members

  • Current Line-Up
    • Will Morris (guitars)
    • Fletcher Kane Bowman (drums)
    • Tom Anderson (bass)
    • Duane Preston (guitars)
  • Former members
    • James Dixon (drums)
    • Ruben Maher (guitars)
    • Jess "Megajess" Davis (bass)
    • Zeb Olsen (bass)
    • Brandon Williams (bass)
    • Mike Stuart (guitars)


Darwin, NT, 2006

Band Information

Burrfoot were formed from the ashes of 12 Inch Girth by Morris who has remained the only consistent member of the band. They play downtuned, sludgy rock in the veins of The Melvins. Over the years they have shared members with The Fairweather Dolls, Vicious Apathy, ROFLSTOMP, Roy Mackonkey, Celador and Xaler.