Vicious Apathy

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Band Members

  • Final Line-Up
    • Steven DeVries (guitars, vocals)
    • Dale Harris (guitars)
    • Reuben Raymond (drums)
    • Matty Nicholls (bass)
    • Alberto Salassa (vocals)
  • Former members
    • Torin Rutledge (bass)
    • Jodie Cunnington (bass)
    • Scott Howard (vocals)
    • James Dixon (drums)
    • Jeff (drums)
    • Dan Baines (guitars)
    • Ben Wallace (guitars)
    • Daniel Prime (vocals)


Darwin, NT, 2008

Band Information

Vicious Apathy formed from Olde School after many lineup changes necessitated a new name. DeVries was the only steady member of the band. They played melodic death/thrash and broke up in 2011. Over the years the lineup included former members of Burrfoot, Surrender the Dead and Existence.