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OriginSydney NSW
GenresDeath metal
Years active2002 - 2005
Associated actsNorse, Ouroboros, Alice Through the Windshield Glass, Forlorn Suffering, Dred, Apolyom, Necresis, Rather Be Dead, Prime Evil
Past membersTrevor Dando, Jody-Marie Doherty, Mark Konig, Evgeny Linnik, Steve O'Farrell, Todd Querruel, Alex Raffaeli, Luke Smythe, Simon Stavrevski, Frank Ting, Tweek, Scott Worsley

Band members

  • Final line-up
    • Simon Stavrevski (guitar)
    • Evgeny Linnik (vocals)
  • Former members
    • Todd Querruel (drums) (2004 - 2005)
    • Jody-Marie Doherty (guitar) (2002 - 2005)
    • Dave Stanton (bass) (2005)
    • Scott Worsley (bass) (2004 - 2005)
    • Mark Konig (bass) (2003 - 2004)
    • Frank Ting (bass) (2003)
    • Luke Smythe (vocals) (2003)
    • Steve O'Farrell (drums) (2002 - 2003)
    • Trevor Dando (bass) (2002 - 2003)
    • Alex Raffaeli (bass, keys) (2002 - 2003)


Sydney, NSW, 2002

Band information

Celestial was a melodic death metal band from Sydney, formed in 2002 around O'Farrell (drums), Stavreski (who was also singer at the time) and original bass player Raffaeli. Doherty joined shortly after and Trevor Dando replaced Raffaeli on bass in October, though Raffaeli remained on keyboards. Celestial released a self-titled EP.

Early in 2003, Raffaeli and Dando both left and were replaced by Frank Ting (ex-Necresis). Luke Smythe (also ex-Necresis) took over lead vocals at the same time. The band began working on a full-length album but personnel problems arose and the line-up changed drastically. By early 2004, the line-up was down to Stavreski, Doherty and Konig (ex-Prime Evil) on bass. Former Apolyom drummer Querruel joined Celestial in September 2004 and one-time Forlorn Suffering member Worsley replaced Konig shortly afterwards. Worsley was forced to leave the band almost immediately due to a medical condition and in early 2005 Celestial's line-up had been completed by Dave "Tweek" Stanton (bass) and Evgeny Linnik (vocals). The band's misfortunes didn't end there however because several months later Querruel also left the band citing health reasons and then Doherty and Stanton departed. With Doherty linking up with Rather Be Dead, Celestial virtually ceased to be at this point, although Stavreski and Linnik got a line-up together in time to play one final show in Sydney in late 2005. Stavreski formed a Norse and Linnik joined Dred (now Ouroboros). Tweek formed Alice Through the Windshield Glass.



2004 Digital Architecture self release


2003 Celestial self release

Compilation tracks:

Year Track Title Album Title Label
2005 "Warpath" Underearthed 3 Independent