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OriginAdelaide, SA
GenresBlack metal
Years active1991 - 2008
Associated actsOutrage, Oni, Beyond Mortal Dreams
Past membersNekromancer, Stormbringer, Doomsayer, Chaoslord, Hellaeon, Destroyer, Manic

Band members

  • Final line-up
    • Nekromancer (guitar, vocals)
    • Stormbringer (guitar, vocals)
    • Doomsayer (bass)
    • Chaoslord (keys)
    • Hellaeon (drums)
  • Former members
    • Destroyer (bass)
    • Manic (drums)

Band information

Adelaide black metal band Darklord was formed in the early 90s by two former members of a thrash band called Outrage, and began developing a sound and look independently and apparently in ignorance of the rising Norwegian black metal scene. Their 1993 release ...by the Force of Sacred Magic Rites brandishes a sheer, raw sound and an eerie atmosphere. The band developed their sound with the use of dual-necked guitar and wore nail and spike encrusted armour.

The period after Sacred Magic Rites was marked by the departure of bassist Destroyer and drummer Manic. The album’s master tapes were also held up in a dispute with the engineer, leading to a long period of absence from the scene. Darklord never split however, and Symphony Satanikka eventually appeared in 2001. A full line up for live performances emerged in late 2002 featuring Hellaeon and Doomsayer from Oni and Beyond Mortal Dreams and after this played occasionally, including making an appearance at Sydney’s Bloodlust Festival in 2004 and an east coast tour in late 2006. The band split up in 2008.



2002 Symphony Satanikka Independent


1993 ...by the Force of Sacred Magic Rites... Independent